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Meet Darren

A former classroom teacher giving investors lesson plans for financial independence. 

His Mission: To Plan, Manage, and Empower your financial future.

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Planning the Transition from Work to Retirement

Many investors expect that IRAs, 401(k)s, and Social Security will provide
enough to maintain their lifestyles.  But oftentimes, they fail to realize that
investment volatility and unplanned expenses may cause their income to
receive a failing grade.

That's reality.  That's why investors turn to Darren Morgan for retirement

Darren knows the financial challenges that retirees face.  Financial choices
like which retirement accounts to draw from and determining which
investments make sense now. Because your retirement could last 20 years
or more, making the correct choices becomes ever more crucial. 

Darren strives to help retirees manage their retirement savings to arrange

As a former classroom teacher, Darren learned to communicate simply and
effectively. You can feel confident making important decisions with his

Class is in session, and today's lesson can empower you to improve your
financial future. Contact Darren Morgan today for the retirement planning
you shouldn't leave work without. 

Hire Darren

Hire Darren

Why Work with a Licensed Financial Advisor?

Darren completed his Series 65 certification, a securities law exam, more than 15 years ago.  Long before regulators and investors began to wake up to the differences between a financial representative and a financial advisor, Darren recognized it's importance.  Today, investors are inquiring if a "fiduciary" acts in the "client's best interest" while handling their retirement investments.  Darren meets that high bar of qualification.

Darren takes great care with every client, helping:

  • Plan ... their financial future,
  • Manage ... for life's changes, and
  • Empower ... clients to live financially confident in retirement.

All you need to do is schedule time with Darren.  A 30-minute introductory phone call or a more in-depth one-hour meeting could mean a world of difference to your retirement.  Click a button at the top of this website to get on Darren's calendar. 



Phone: (440) 777-9001

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